Receivable Payables Compensation

Receivables Payables Compensation

Features and benefits:

  • Simple settle the open balance
  • Compensating opened documents between two or three parties
  • Ready to use compensation agreement print out
  • Both the Essential and Premium editions of Business Central supported
  • Countries supported: US, UK, CZ  

Compensate accounts receivables and payables in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Do you often need to compensate customer or vendor documents? Do you need to compensate them between two or three parties? Do you appreciate the compensation agreement print-out?

The Receivables Payables Compensation app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central allows you to select one or more customer and vendor ledger entries to compensate in the compensation document. You can specify receivables and payables between two or three parties. When the compensation document is balanced, an agreement print-out is available. After compensation document posting all related customer and vendor ledger entries are balanced.

For example, if you select a sales invoices in total of USD 150 and a purchase invoices in total of USD 100, sales invoices remaining balance will be USD 50 after compensation document posting.


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