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Information regarding the use of cookies

  1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are generated by a web server and stored on your computer through your browser. At a later date, when you return to the same website, the browser sends the cookie stored on your computer back to the server with all the information that it stored there. Cookies are used by the vast majority of websites.

  1. Cookie classification

Cookies are classified as follows:

  • First party cookie – their validity is limited to the website domain that you browse through. This category of cookies is regarded as being safer.

  • Third party cookie – these cookies are placed from another domain by means of a script. The user can therefore be followed across various domains. This type of cookie is often used to assess the efficacy of advertisement channels.

in accordance to their validity:

  • Session cookie – this type is erased from your computer after you have closed the browser.

  • Persistent cookie – these cookies remain on your computer after you have closed your browser and are only deleted after a very long period of time has elapsed (the period of time depends on the settings of your browser and the cookies). Cookies can be deleted manually.

  1. What do we use cookies for?

We use the following cookies on our website:

  • Technical – first-party, session cookies They ensure that the basic technical functions of the website work i.e. logging in, using services, etc.

  • Google Analytics – first-party, persistent cookies These cookies are used to generate anonymous statistics with regards to traffic and the use of a particular website.

We never place sensitive date or personal information into our cookie files.

  1. How can you modify the use of cookies?


You can delete cookies from your browser. This option is usually available in the “History” of websites you have visited.


You can block cookies by adjusting the settings of your browser, which allows you to decline using all of them. If you set your browser to block all cookies (including basic cookies), you will most probably not be able to access a part or the whole of our website.

Further information on cookies and their use can be found on the following sites: and a .

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